One Piece - One Piece, should we watch it?

I have always been wondering about humans’ stupidity and I continue wondering. What’s the relevant with the topic? The similarity? It’s a lot. I am very offended, when an anime is being underestimated and in the worst possible way. By my personal observation I’ve determined, that One Piece is a very ignored anime in Bulgaria. I’ve recommended it to many people, but without any result. Mostly I’ve received answers like “there are too many episodes and I’ m too lazy to watch them all” or “I don’t like its art”. One piece deserves a chance. It is true that the art isn’t that good in the beginning, but that’s part of its charm. With time the art improves significantly. Don’t be afraid by the many series. Because every single one is worth watching. When you watch the anime you’ll be wondering and gasping. I understand it also depends by person’s character. Not everyone will like it. But if you like pirate’s stories, adventures, fine and impressive action, and also unusual art, in that case there is only one conclusion- watch it!
Is it possible to ignore or underestimate an anime just because it’s Shounen? Until recently I hadn’t asked myself that question. First you’ll ask “What on earth is Shounen”? That is a demographic genre, mostly watched by the boys auditory. The combating is mostly ordinary street style, and erotic is nearly missing. Even though the genre shouldn’t be making an anime less valuable than others.
Still you mustn’t let the art or something else insignificant stop you from watching an anime. The most important thing for an anime is the plot. If it has a good plot, there is thrill, and people are interested in it. It is very difficult for something new to get my attention or to watch it with the same enthusiasm as One Piece. The characters in the anime aren’t just unique, they are charmingly unique. The plot, in my opinion, is very good even thou the anime is Shounen. OSTthe music is also satisfying. What are you still waiting for? It’s time to meet Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro. How? You are in AnimeRulezzz and our ‘download’ directory is waiting for you. I hope I’ve been helpful and if you had doubts about watching it, now you are certain. See you, in the world of pirates ;).
Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: MSK
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