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Roronoa Zoro is the first one in Luffy’s equipage. He is a Santoryu user (uses 3 swords). His ambition is becoming the best swordsman in the world. The reason he joins Luffy’s crew is, that Luffy saved him from sure death, and asked him to be part of his equipage, without giving up his dream. He, of course, accepts. His motive for becoming the best swordsman is that when he was little was beaten several times, by a girl, who later gets ill and dies. He swears in her honor to become the best swordsman. Roronoa is an ex pirate hunter, has no sense with directions and sleeps a lot, but you can count on him, when needed. During his journey with Luffy, he encounters the greatest swordsman- Hawk Eyes Mihawk. Their battle ends pretty quickly, and sadly for Zoro, he is defeated and gets a huge wound on his chest. After the duel he understands he has to train a lot more to become the best. On the place where he fights this duel, Luffy finds a new addition to the team- his cook Sanji, who constantly argues with Roronoa. Zoro meets many and different enemies, while he is part of Luffy’s equipage. All these experiences help him become stronger.
The techniques he usually uses are divided in three types:
Satnotyu(with three swords)
*Оni Giri (Demon Slash) - He crosses his hands and slashes, like a three singed X
* Tora Gari (Tiger Hunt) - He picks up the swords above his head and slashes.
* Ougi Sanzen Sekai (Three Thousand Worlds) –While holding two of his swords one against another, Zoro twists them and runs towards his opponent.
*Tatsumaki (Dragon Coil / Dragon Twister) –He spins round and creates a tornado, that looks like a dragon.
* Takanami (Hawk Wave)- An attack, in which he uses the air created by the swing of his swords, and hits a few opponents.
* Ushi Bari (Bull Charge) –Two of his swords are put above his head, like bull horns and then attacks.
* Gazami Dori (Crab Grab) –All swords are horizontally matching and suddenly fall, like guillotine.
* Hyaku-Hachi Pound Hou (108 Pound Cannon / Triple Sword Soaring Pheonix) – All three swords are used to create spiral attack.
* Karazuma Gari (Demon Crow / Raven Hunt) –While he is in the air strikes several times.
* Gyuuki Yuzume (Cattle Demon Brave Hoof) –The swords are facing the opponent and then Zoro jumps towards his enemy.
* Ebima Yonezu Oni Giri (Charm Demon / Sleepless Night) – Variety of Oni Giri where many opponents are hit.

Nitoryu (with two swords):
* Takanami (Hawk Wave) - Similar to Santoryu.
* Iai: Rashoumon – Technique for releasing the sword with power big enough for cutting a rock.
* Nana-Jyuu Pound Hou (72 Pound Cannon) –Same like 108 Pound Cannon, but with two swords.

Ittoryu (with one sword):
* Iai: Shishi Sonson (Lion's Song / Lion Strike) – Technique for releasing a sword. Zoro puts the sword in his sheath and puts it behind his back. Attacks at very high-speed and then puts the sword back in the sheath.
* San-Jyu-Roku Pound Hou (36 Pound Cannon / Single Sword Soaring Pheonix) –Analogous to 108 Pound Cannon, but with one sword.

Mutoryu (without swords):
* Tatsumaki (Dragon Coil / Dragon Twister) –The same like ordinary Tatsumaki, but without using any swords.

Kyutoryu (with nine swords):
* Asura: Ichibugin (Three-Headed-Six-Armed-Demon-God: One-Mist-Silver) –This technique was used only one time, and was done extremely fast, so there is no description. Asura –A technique that allows you to triple yourself.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Added by: Malygos
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