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What are pirates actually? Pirates are people with dreams and ideas sailing the endless seas and oceans looking for adventures and the legendary treasure of The Golden Roger (or the more correct pronouncement Gol D. Roger). The Golden Roger (the ex-king of pirates) before his execution gave the begining of the age of pirates. His last words were "My treasure? If you want it, you can have it. Find it. I left everything in that place."
While on their journeys pirates encounter all sorts of things. They meet people and strange creatures, fight hundreds of battles. Every pirate fights with the 3 basic pirate values - wealth, glory and might. Many times their goals and methods of achieving these goals are in contradiction with The World Order. To stop them The World Order sends marines after them. Every dangerous pirate has a certain price on his head. The higher the price, the more dangerous the pirate is concidered to be. In the world of pirates a high price on your head is a glorious feat. Because of these bounties placed on the pirates heads bounty hunters start to appear. Their main goal is to catch pirates with a high price for their heads and hand them over to the authorities and earn money that way. Usually there is no difference between the methods used by the marines and bounty hunters for catching pirates. Its hard to say who is the good guy and who is the bad one. The important thing is that pirates are enemies to almost everyone. Many times they fight amongst them selves.
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