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An ordinary little reindeer, while peacefully eating grass, accidentally swallows a strange fruit. But it is not an ordinary fruit. It is the Devil Fruit Hito Hito (“hito” in Japanese means “human”). Who eats the fruit gains human character and starts thinking and acting like one. And this fruit changes Chopper’s life. The reindeers no longer accept him, because he is different. His attempts to live between humans are also failure. In people’s eyes he looks like a monster, and is hunted like a beast. But after all this misfortune, his luck turns around. A mad scientist takes him as his apprentice. Many long and happy years, Tony lives there and learns a lot from his mentor, until the doctor gets very sick, and he is alone again. Before his death, the nutty doctor makes sure that Tony would continue his studying with another, also very crazy professor.
In one chilly day, near the castle (where he lives with the doctor ) with big efforts, a boy, spraining while walking, brings two of his friends, who are hurt. This is how he meets Luffy and his crew, and eventually joins them.
Chopper is very shy, also naïve and sometimes very fearful. Having two identities (a deer and a human) gives him some advantages. Because he is both, he has four appearances, in which he can transform. Thanks to his animal nature he can speak with animals.
The fairytales of the old nutty doctor, about faraway lands and adventures are the main reason for Chopper to leave with Luffy’s crew. This is how he becomes the doctor of the equipage. His biggest dream is to become the greatest doctor in the whole world.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
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