One Piece - Usopp

Usopp is the third person that joins Luffy’s crew. Usopp’s weapon is a simple catapult and he doesn’t posses any special power or ability, except for his sharp mind. He is a very creative person. Fast, skillful and smart. He is also a big liar, but his lies are often dense and very easy to discover. But people like Chopper and Luffy always believe him. Usopp wants to be a good shooter like his father, who is part of Shanks’s crew. Usopp even builds Nami a weapon. He has curly hair, is thin with big nose and isn’t very handsome. But this doesn’t make him a less interesting character. On the contrary- he is full of surprises. He is always creating new weapons and machineries. Also likes taking care of the ship, and I mean Going Merry. Usopp quite often repairs and updates it. Besides he likes wearing hats or handkerchiefs. He is able to do anything to help his friends. In Water 7 Arc he argues with Luffy and leaves the crew. But when he finds out that Nico Robin has been kidnapped, decides to help them save her. This is why he creates his alternative self- Sogeking. Luffy never finds out, that this creature was Usopp.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
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