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Fujiwara period 800-1200 year
Since the beginning of IV century, Japan was governed by the emperor, whose power is transmitted by inheritance. When the emperor happened to die before his heir is of full age, was elected regent, which operated until the imperial heir reached the required age to assume authority. During the IX century, however, something happened differently - aristocratic Fujiwara family plays an important role in the imperial court as the daughter of Fujiwara Yoshifusa marry the emperor. Traditionally, children were kept in the family of the mother, so that the next Japanese emperor was grown in such Fujiwara. Thus Yoshifusa Fujiwara regent became the first outside the imperial family and the start of a period known as the period of the Fujiwara. The wives of some of the subsequent emperors were also such Fujiwara, who over time become more powerful and influential. Subsequently, each ruler had permanent regent, who was entrusted with public affairs. Emperor himself dealing with religious issues. Genus Fujiwara Japan operated more than 300 years.
Culture during Fujiwara period
During Fujiwara (or Heian period) in the imperial court to the court conditions for the development of literature and the arts. Were exquisite works of art vaniknali new literary genres. The most famous work of that time is "Long for Genji"(Genji Monogatari) by Lady Murasaki Shikibu court in which depiction of life and ways yaposnkata aristocracy. No less remarkable is the lyrical novel "Tosaniki", a diary of the poet Tsurayuki Kino. Supported by Fujiwara, aristocratic families become more rich and powerful. Over time, other families are made, who accumulated wealth and was the only masters in their land. Individual provinces and the names become more independent. Influential families, however, constantly warring among themselves for power and the emperor was no longer able to control the situation in the country. Throughout the XII century one outbreak after another insurrection, and in 1180 there is civil war. he army of the genus Tayra been dismantled by the slaughter Minamoto Yoritomo, who put the beginning of a long military government (shogun).
Important dates
794 year Emperor Garden moves in the new capital Heian (Kyoto).
858 year Yorifusa Fujiwara became regent.
930 year Fujiwara genus acquire complete hegemony.
1010 year The novel "Genji Monogatari" has been written - the first known novel in world history.
1180-1185 year Civil War. Minamoto Yoritomo is declared Great shogun.

Drawing of Minamoto Yoritomo as shogun.
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