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Japan and China 1467-1644 year
During the period of 1467-1477 Japan was covered by a new internecine war, known as the Perturbation of the Onin year. In China was initiated Min dynasty which in the middle of XVII century, began to lose its influence.
In 1467 year war broke out between the large feudal rulers in Japan. The struggle for supremacy between Samurai lasted a decade. At the beginning of the XVI century, the state is scattered in several large feudal principality that constantly fought among themselves. This time is known in history as the period of warring states. Japan was a powerful jolt of anti-feudal movement - for 75 years exploded 29 major rebellions. In XVI century the Japanese islands began to appear Europeans - Portuguese and Spaniards, who led lively trade in Japanese. Soon after arriving missionaries who spread Christianity among the local residents. Europeans brought in Japan not only their religion, but the firearm. Samurai treat him aside, calling it a weapon for cowards, but soon realized the advantage it gives them in fighting. For example, when the soldier started Oda Nobunaga struggle for the unification of Japan, armed soldiers with muskets (rifles) and in 1568 year conquered the capital Kyoto.
Battle at Nagashino

For the battle in 1575 at Nagashino Nobunaga Oda bought by the Portuguese muskets, with which the armed soldiers in 3000. They rout the numerous army of Samurai, who were armed with traditional swords, bows and arrows. Thus, under the influence of Europeans in Japan occurred in new times. Japanese feudal but tried to limit this impact by not allowing the country missionaries, travelers and traders from Europe. This isolation lasted for more than two centuries and had negative consequences for economic, political and cultural development of Japan. Yet many Europeans have managed to win the favor of some rulers in the south and visit the country without hindrance.
Feudal wars

In 1582 Oda Nobunaga was killed, but continued his other great soldier - Toyomoti Hideyoshi. In 1585 he became the first imperial minister in 1590 managed to unite Japan. Hideyoshi had the ambition to create great Japanese state by joining the territory and China. It taken two campaign in Korea - in 1592 and 1597, but failed to conquer. The unification of Japan was finally completed by Tokugava Ieyasu, who in 1603 compel the Emperor to declare shogun, taken in its hands all power in the state and the dynasty founded Tokugava. Thirty years later, the third shogun of the dynasty - Iemitsu, started a policy of isolation of Japan from the rest of the world by issuing laws that prohibit the Japanese to leave the country, and Europeans visited it. An exception is made only for the Dutch and Chinese ships in the port Nagasaki.

During the XVI century by missionaries from the Mateo Ricci Jesuitical Order arrived in Japan with special permission from the emperor and baptized in the Christian faith of thousands of Japanese.
During Hideyoshi in Japan were many palaces. Himeji palace was specially built in 1577 to serve as the headquarters of Hideyoshi during the civil wars between the Samurai.
Important dates
1192-1338 year Shogunat Minamoto of Japan.
1338-1573 year Shogunat of Ashikaga Japan.
1467 began a period of internecine wars and uprisings in Japan.
1548 The first Jesuit mission in Japan.
1568-1576 year Oda Nobunaga led struggle for unification of Japan. Winning the battle at Nagashino (1575).
1590 Hideyoshi unites Japan.
1592, 1598 Japanese invasions of Korea in the end with failure.
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1. Battle at Nagashino. 2. Mateo Ricci. 3.Hideyoshi Toyotomi
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