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This autumn season is really promisingly enthusiastic and good for the self-respecting anime fan. Along with the expected rock hit Fate Stay/night Unlimited Blade Work, the responsible for increased bicycling in Japan anime Yowamushi Pedal, the bright dark modern steampunk from the future Psycho-Pass, no a new fresh title comes up - Parasyte: -the maxim- (Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakurits).

The Author of the manga carrying the same name is Hitoshi Iwaaki. The beginning starts from the end of the 80’s and comes out in 10 volumes. But the adaptation of the manga comes out just now, the autumn of 2014. Now is the moment to mention, that I already see the disappointed fans of the manga. Indeed, the manga was probably better, but the anime itself is still a nice surprise.

The story revolves around the life of Shinichi who’s a typical young man. During breakfast at home, his parents look at him with tension. His dad ironically mentions some snake, with which his son had troubles during the night. The boy ably and with unwillingness decides not to respond.

The truth is that parasites with alien origin take over humans. Every parasite aims to reach the brain of the victim so it can take control over the whole body. They have the ability to shape shift. Last night a parasite tries to take over Shinichi. The boy reacts lightning fast and ties up a cable around his arm. This way he stops the parasites way up to his brain. This leaves only one option for the small unwanted parasite, taking over his right arm.

Our protagonist has yet to realize what happened, he is trying to keep his current way of life and habits from before the incident. When he meets a girl from his school, without noticing the condition of his right arm, gropes her. This moment is one of the charming moments in the episode. Following that there are a couple of similar situations, which are clearly showing him, that he is not the same person any more. The presence of the misfortunate parasite in the arm of the main character raises the quality of the story and makes it very intriguing. I admit that I too want to have a hand, which while I sleep reads books. Cool ha?

The first episode of this anime brought me a lot of pleasure. It will be watched with a lot of interest. The atmosphere is nice, the parasite – cool. The animation is creation of Madhouse, which means that it is – you guessed – of very high quality. The intro is acceptable. As criticism I would note the existence of a scene coming out of nowhere. Shinichi with the help of the parasite saves a kid from a rushing car. That sounds good to you? I am sorry, but it is not normal, that after saving someone, regardless of how shocked you are, not to pay any attention to him. Not to tell him a single word. He just vanished, like until a second ago nothing happened. He should have at least received a thank you for the good deed. This scene ended the way it started and leaves a bitter taste in the mouth after the great development of episode 01. A taste of tartness awkwardness and equally unpleasant. Another thing I did not like was the fact they did not put enough efforts in the other characters. Their design is nothing impressive. Compared to everything else in the episode, these things are as negligible as the first light wrinkles, which show up even in the puberty, but we do not pay them any attention.

Translated by Sky Dai Tenshi & Malygos
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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