Power of the Dragons series 2 - the guest

Power of the Dragons � Part 2
The Guest

Pegasus: What the heck do you want from me.?!
The guest: I want to buy the rights for the world biggest event this year �Duel World Cup�.
Pegasus: Why do you think I�m going to sell you my tournament. Hahah! (Pegasus started laughing hysterically)
The guest: Don�t laugh at me, when you�re at crash. Now, you don�t have money to organize your project.
Pegasus: You�re right! But there are lots of candidates with lots of money! Hehe!
The guest: Hmm, here is my offer. If I lose in a duel against you, you�ll have $10,000,000. But if I win, we have a deal.
Pegasus: The rights for the tournament will be bought for $10,000,000, now you can�t refuse that offer. Deal, I guess easy-earning money won�t hurt! Bwahahaha! We are starting with 4000 LP like old times, the faster, the better!

@@@@@@@ Pegasus 4000LP @@@@@@ The guest 4000LP @@@@@@@

Pegasus: Take your first move!
The guest: OK then, I�ll take the advantage. I put a monster face-down and set a card. That will be for now.
Pegasus: Good! It is time for masterpiece. I pay 1000 LP to activate my Spell card �Toon World� and now I�m summoning �Toon Mermaid�[ATK 1400/DEF 1500] in attack mode! Hmm, I have two choice to attack your LP directly or to attack your monster (he hesitated a bit). All right, Toon Mermaid attack the face-down monster.
The guest: You attacked my �Nimble Momonga� [ATK 1000/DEF 1000]. Your attack activated my monster�s effect. You see, when Nimble Momonga goes to the Graveyard I receive 1000 LP and am able to summon 2 Nimble Momonga from my deck. Is that all, Pegasus, are you done?
Pegasus: I set 1 card face-down and I end my turn.

@@@@@@@ Pegasus 3000LP @@@@@@ The guest 5000LP @@@@@@@

The guest: Haha! Pegasus, I didn�t think that this duel is going to finish so soon. I sacrifice my Nimble Momongas to summon my �Blue-eyes White Dragon� [ATK 3000/DEF 2500].
Pegasus: What the� That�s impossible! Where did you get that?
The guest: I�m not telling you now. Let�s just say that this is one of the four Blue-eyes you created. I�m not done yet. I activate my Spell card �Raigeki�.
Pegasus: Nooo, grrr� why you� (Pegasus got angry)
The guest: And now, my Blue-eyes White Dragon, attack his LP directly!
Pegasus didn�t believe his eyes� but wait!
Pegasus: Not so fast, don�t discard me yet, I activate my Trap card �Waboku�.
The guest: A trap?!
Pegasus: Yes indeed, Waboku reduce the damage you�ve done to 0 for this turn, which mean I still have 3000 LP left.
The guest: You�re just wasting time.
Pegasus: My move, I activate my �Monster Reborn� and I call back my Toon Mermaid, but not for long, cause I activate my Spell card �Soul Exchange �2� to sacrifice your Blue-eyes White Dragon as well as my Toon Mermaid to in order to summon my �Blue-eyes Toon Dragon� [ATK 3000/DEF 2500]. Now I activate �Pot of Greed� and have to draw two cards from my deck. I activate �Mage Power� and �United We Stand� and I equip them to my Blue-eyes. There�s no need to tell their effects, you have to know that. Now prepare for your doom.
The Guest: What� Soul Exchange doesn�t have that effect.
Pegasus: Well, yeah� But I played Soul Exchange �2! It has the same effect as the original card but the difference is that with this card you can attack right after summoning. Of course my Toon World has to be face-up on the field to activate Soul Exchange �2.
The guest: Before attacking, I�ll make up rise the money to $50,000,000.
Pegasus: Ha, you�re giving your money for charity. Now Blue-eyes Toon Dragon [ ATK 5300/DEF 4800]. Attack! Any last words?
The guest: Yes, reveal trap! Magic Cylinders.
Pegasus: What, that is impossible.

@@@@@@@ Pegasus 0000 LP @@@@@@ The Guest 5000 LP @@@@@@@

Pegasus: A deal is a deal, I�ll sign the contract. Doh! (this is what Homer Simpson say when he says/does something stupid  )
The guest: See ya, old man!

<<<<<<<<<<<<< On Pegasus� Island >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Seto Kaiba has just landed his plane. He was going to the �Duelist Kingdom�, when something got his attention. Seto and a young man passed each other. He thought: Who could that be? The stranger was wearing red-black cloths and black sunglasses. He was black-haired and as tall as Kaiba. The glimpse at each other and went on.
The guest.
The security: Mr. Pegasus, Seto Kaiba has arrived.
Pegasus: What does he want from me, let him in!
Seto: Hello, old man.
Pegasus: Seto, my boy, what�s the occasion?
Seto: I�ve come to buy the rights for the �Duel World Cup� tournament.
Pegasus: You are a bit late, my dear. I�ve already bought them. I�m going to rest for a while. Here, take this copy of the contract and the tape recording of the business transaction. Let�s discuss them tomorrow, I�m sure you get surprised.
Seto: Hm, I�ll look through them. It seems that something interesting happened before my arrival.
Seto Kaiba left the �Duelist Kingdom�.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< In Kaibaland >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Seto was watching the video of Pegasus� duel.
Seto: This cannot be! The only one who has the Blue-eyes White Dragon is me. Who is this guy, and where does he have those rare cards.

translated by Kisoso
Added by:MSK

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