Power of the Dragons series 3

Power of the Dragons � Part 3
The Challenge

=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= On the next day at Kaiba Corp. = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Kaiba watched the tape over and over again. And was thinking about the same thing: �What is this man, where does he have the Blue-eyes White Dragon?�
The phone rang. It was Mokuba.
Mokuba: Bro, Pegasus is on the second line.
Seto: Link me with him through the visual connection!
Pegasus: Kaiba-boy, what do you think about yesterday?
Seto: I can�t understand, how does he have the Blue-eyes? The other thing is that you didn�t read the contract.
Pegasus: I couldn�t understand about the dragon either. I�m reading the contract at the moment and what do you mean by what you�ve just said?
Seto: You�ve been deceived, Pegasus. Look at the 5th page, the 6th paragraph and the small letters.
Pegasus: Nooo� stupid me. I�m misguided. (Pegasus got angry)
Seto: With this contract you allowed him (the guest from part 2) to do 100 of his original dueling cards. Provision also says that if he wins against you on an official rematch, he will be able to create monster cards instead of you.
Pegasus: I think I can get over this, but I think I know who this young man is.
Seto: So do I. I�ve seen him somewhere.
Mokuba suddenly interrupted them.
Someone hacked into the computers and he�ll be able to listen to your conversation.
Hello, friends. I guess you think or already know who I am. Ha ha ha!
Pegasus: It is you, Petar Milev from the �Famous Thirteen�.
Seto: What do you want from us?
Petar: Ha ha ha (hysterical laughter)! I want to have my world best duelist title back. Bwahaha!
Seto: I�ve been wondering where you have a �Blue-eyes White Dragon�?
Petar: Kaiba, my plan for the return started when Yugi Mouto showed up.
Kaiba: Huh?
Petar: I had an inside man in your security, or more simple a spy. Ha ha! You remember you torn the forth Blue-eyes White Dragon, a possession of Solomon Mouto, threw it away, don�t you? When you and Yugi were dueling, my spy shifted the real one with a fake. I put a lot of money for the creation of a card restoration machine. More simply, any original card can be turned back as if it�s a new one.
Kaiba couldn�t say a simple word. He was in shock after hearing that. His eyes were filled by malice.
Seto: Why� you RAT!
Petar: But that�s not the reason I called you. Kaiba, I have a challenge you! Ha ha ha (a hysterical laugh once again)
Seto: What are you talking about?
Pegasus was thinking about what would be Mr. NWO�s new fiendish plan. (that�s Petar�s codename)
Petar: My secret Dueling Academy PoD versus your GX Academy, or just 6 PoD duelists vs. 6 GX duelists. I�m pretty curios about who will win. The only thing I know is that, you, Seto Kaiba, are going to become a laughing-stock. Kaiba got angry.
Seto: Why you� I accept your challenge. The one who�s going to be a laughed at is you!
Petar: Will see about that. Gentlemen, if you excuse me, I�m leaving.
Seto: Mokuba, check if he disconnected from our network.
Mokuba: Yes, bro. He�s banished.
Pegasus: Seto, you�ve been too harsh. You shouldn�t have accepted the challenge!... Bye Seto, we will meet again!
Seto: See you, old man!
Mokuba: Brother, who was that Petar, what did he want?

<<<<<<<<<<<<< In PoD Academy >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Petar called forth MrChaos and RedLine.
Petar: Guys, I have work for you! Ha ha ha ha ha! (that hysterical laugh again!)

translated by Kisoso
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