Power of the dragons

Power of the Dragons � Part 1
The Preparation

When Yami got to the portal to the past, Yugi felt different and sad, while Joey is soothing him.
Joey: Yugi, you have to accept that the pharaoh isn�t here now. Get over it.
Yugi: I can�t. I feel as if there is emptiness inside me. I just feel different.
Joey: Come on, let�s have a milkshake, this will cheer you up.
Yugi: No, I don�t want to.
Joey: Yugi, look. There�re Tristan, Tea and your Grandpa coming.
Tea: Friends, let�s help Yugi forget the Pharaoh.
Yugi�s Grandpa: I�ve been watching like this for days, my son. You�ve felt really not yourself since Yami left. That�s why I have a resolve for that. Let us go on a vacation to a far away and sunny island. Invite your friends too!
Yugi: I guess you�re right. I think I should rest a bit. This will have a good effect on me. Well pals, are you coming?
Joey: Tristan and I are 100% with you! (Joey�s smiling)
Tristan: Bwahaha, there will be lots of food.
Joey: Stop with the rats, Tristan. (They start fighting)
Tea: I�m coming too, guys. For the friendship!
Yugi: Stop with that crabs.
Tea: Well, ahh�. OK!

In 30 minutes time they got in the plane and took off.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Meanwhile in Kaibaland >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Kaiba�s thoughts: If Yugi and his friends are not going on a vacation and not going for the biggest tournament this year, I, Seto Kaiba, am going to return the title of the world best duelist. Hahaha!
Kaiba is calling Mokuba.
Mokuba: Yes, Seto. What did you call me for?
Kaiba: Little brother, I have a job for you.
Mokuba: What is it?
Kaiba There are rumors, that Pagasus went bankrupt and he is not to set up the tournament. If that�s true buy the rights of this tournament. We�ll organize it.
Mokuba: OK, I�ll check about that.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Meanwhile in Egypt >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ishizu: Marik, why are you preparing your deck, are you going somewhere?
Marik: Ishizu, my sister, I�m taking part in the tournament for the best duelist in the world this year. If you excuse me, I�m taking a walk.
Ishizu: Odion, what do you think, is he fully healed?
Odion: Don�t worry. I�m taking care of him.
Ishizu: Thank you, Odion.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Meanwhile in the �Duelist Kingdom� >>>>>>>>>>>>>

Pegasus� financial officer: Mr. Pegasus, bad reports. Your personal project, where you got all your money on, is a failure and now you lost it all.
Pegasus: Hahaha. You�ve got to be kidding!
Financial officer: A� no, I am not!
Financial officer: Here, look at the shares.
Pegasus: You�re right, I went bankrupt. But that cannot be possible, I�m sure there is outside interference. But, who? Why?
Financial officer: We don�t know. I�m sorry!
[18:00] When Kaiba heard about Pegasus� crash, he took off with his Blue-eyes Plane to the �Duelist Kingdom�.
[18:30] The security: Mr. Pegasus, you have an unexpected visitor.
Pegasus: Let him in.
The guest: Hello Pegasus. Let�s go straight, I heard about your bankrupt and I want to buy the rights for the world�s most awaited tournament of the year.
Pegasus: What, wh�

Translated By Kisoso
Added by:MSK

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