Senkou no Night Raid - Overview

The action of the anime is set in 1931 before some of the greatest wars and events in human history. Main character is Mioshi Aoi who works as a spy for the Japanese super secret organization Sakurai. All its members and spies have supernatural abilities which is secret from the world. They are forwarded on missions where ordinary person would not have succeeded. Their abilities have certain limited time of use. The organization operates mainly in the territory of China, in particular Shanghai. In one mission they are faced with opponents who also have superpowers and rare skills. It starts game of cat and mouse or good and bad cop. Each side of this espionage and political game has its reasons and causes that not negligible.This will determine not only their lives but also the future policy of Japan towards China and perhaps even future wars and wrong moves.
Translated from bulgarian by OmegaKO
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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