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Nagasumi Michishio together with his parents leaves for a summer holiday in his grandmother’s house. They want to rest from the exhausting city life. His grandmother lives near the Seto Island. Their travel is long and tiring. The grandmother lives at a very remote place, far from the civilization. They finally arrive and start making plans for their long awaited holiday. Something that will make an impression is that Nagasumi’s family isn’t rich at all. They have very little funds. The father decides to take Michishio to the beach. To swim and to vary their days. There is only one problem, Michishio can’t swim. But he doesn’t shares that with his father. Our hero looses control in the water and starts drowning. He sinks slow and without any glory. But in that moment he is saved by a mermaid. Yes, a real mermaid! Michishio tells what happened to his family, but nobody believes him. Until a girl shows up, and introduces herself as Seto Sun and wants to marry the young Nagasumi. She asks Nagasumi to take responsibility for what happened earlier the same day. His parents and he still can’t comprehend what is happening, when a few mugs, working for Seto’s family show up. It appears that she is a daughter of the mafia’s leader. And not an ordinary mafia family but a half fish- half human, or saying it childish- mermaids. (I couldn’t understand the male name for a mermaid %_%) The leader of the clan is Seto Gozaburo. In the clan there is a rule that says that if the identity of someone from the family is revealed by a human, he must die. In our case Seto must die, but there is light in the ocean! If Michishio marries Sun, he becomes part of her family, he is not an outsider and he can know her secret. This is the only option for saving Sun. At last our hero makes up his mind and asks Sun to marry him. Actually, there isn’t an alternative, because Gozabura has decided to kill the whole Nagasumi family. And that’s how Michishio and Sun’s adventures begin. There are many troubles awaiting them. Sun’s father will do everything possible to kill Michishio.
My personal opinion is that the anime is amazing. There is a lot of humor and parody, and I am sure that laugh won’t pass you. It is a new anime, from 2007. The art and OST are nice, and I think you’ll like it without any doubts.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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