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How will you feel if everything around you stop's moving? Some creature's doing unnormal things and after all this a girl with red hair and red eye's starts talking that you'ev never existed. You are really are a "torch" substitute of a real human and you exist till you'r torch fade's. In a moment like this everyone will go crazy, but not Sakai Yuji. He decides with what he has, to live his live how the real Sakai Yuji. For some strange surcamstances he succeeds to live unbelievenly long. With his strange holding to a "torch" he totally confuses the way the red haired hunter girl see's the world. He even give's her a name (becouse she didn't have any before). But the problems are just getting started. Tomogara being's are more often apearing in the city with diffrent plans for manupilation with energy the human existence. There are apearing even more tomogara hunters. Everything is not right and there isn't any balance. In the meanwile the life in the city is going as like nothing is happening.
No, do not think that the anime is filled with horrors. On the contrary. In it you can see a lot of human social emotions, feelings and attitude's. The humor is on a level. Ofcource the love isn't abcent.
In some moment's this anime can make you laugh and in some moment's it can make you affect.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: fewgtg (PoD)
Autor: OmegaKO
Added by: OmegaKO
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