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A very frivolous and carried away boy. He arrives in Tokyo to find a strong guardian spirit, who would help him in the Shaman King tournament. At first, he is weak and has no guardian-spirit on his side. This is why we see him in the first episode wandering around the cemetery. During one of his trips to the cemetery he is spotted by a small boy, named Manta.
Yoh introduces Manta to the shaman world and they become best friends. During an encounter with the band of Riu "The Wooden Sword", the spirit of an old samurai, known for his mass murders, Amidamaru, helps Yoh and later becomes his guardian-spirit.
He has an arranged marriage with Anna. She tortures him constantly to do whatever she wants, but most importantly, she wants him to train harder. Yoh is a target for many clans who try to eliminate him before the tournament, due to his family's reputation. The biggest troubles are caused by the Tao clan.
Despite the rivalry between the shamans, Yoh does not treat his opponents as rivals. He fights bad with good and is always ready to forgive. Thanks to his character, he manages to win a lot of friends. From a tournament filled with rivalries and hostilities, Yoh turns it into a fair play tournament between friends.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
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