Shaman King - Faust

Quiet, mysterious, gloomy - these are the words describing him the best. Faust is a shaman-necroman. His birthplace is somewhere in Germany. He falls in love with Eliza when he is a little kid, who will later become his spirit-guardian. Terminally ill, she loves Faust very much. Faust marries her but a few days later when he returns homes, he finds her dead. Presumably killed by criminals. After this, Faust totally changes. He searches for every possible way to resurrect his beloved one. In the end Faust becomes aggressive, in other words a "new" man.
Faust's dream is to bring back Eliza to life and this is his main motive to get in the Shaman tournament in Yo Asakura's team. Their first encounter is not that pleasant. In the 15th episode, Faust has to fight against Yo in a tournament battle. In his previous battles he always wins by...taking his opponent's life. After the end of this battle, Faust disappears.
He shows up in the big Shaman tournament. Anna convinces him to help Yo and his teammates, promising she would bring back his wife to life. This is how Eliza becomes his spirit-guardian.
In the beginning, he freaks out Morti (Manta) but as time passes by he improves. Despite everything he lived through, Faust is always ready to fight alongside his friends form Team Asakura and Team Len. He often uses medicaments to not feel pain. Always alone with his wife, this is Faust...
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
Autor: Lqlqlq
Added by: MSK
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