Shaman King - Kyōyama Anna (恐山アンナ)

A cute girl that always looks serious and strict. When she was little her parents engaged her to Asakura Yoh. In the anime she appears a few episodes after Yoh meets Manta. Most of the time people think she is Yoh's sister, but she always proudly reminds them that she is his fiancee. Yoh's main dream is to become the Shaman King, but for that he needs to train hard. Anna is trying to make him train, because of his unserriousnessnessness. To everyone that bothers or distracts him, she will always find some work or something else, just to keep then away from Yoh. She is considered evil, because of her actions, and Manta calls her "Devil". Anna is a spiritualist. This gives her the power to summon the spirits of people who died long time ago, and to tie them. With these powers she often helps Yoh, by summoning the spirit of a person that can help in some kind of situation. Anna believes in Yoh and always supports him. Her dream is Yoh to become the Shaman King, and she his wife.
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