Shaman King - Oyamada Manta (小山田まん太)

Very smart little boy who likes to find information about everything in the books. He is the main character in the anime in which he describes his adventures in the Shaman King tournament.
His story begins when he is in a hurry to catch a train (it is not shown very clear in the anime, unlike the manga). He takes a shortcut through the cemetery. Manta sees a boy walking and having fun with a lots of spirits. Manta runs away in fear and tells everyone in the school about tis, but no one believes him. The same day, a new student is introduced in school, Asakura Yoh. It turns out to be the same boy Manta saw at the cemetery. From this day on, they become best friends.
Manta is often outraged by Yoh's unlogical actions but this does not interfere with their friendship. Their differences build their friendship.
After he meets Yoh, Manta is introduced to his fiance, Anna. Due to her strict character and habit of grabbing him by the head and tossing him away in a random direction, he often calls her "Devil".
Despite his physical weakness, Manta tries everything in his power to help Yoh and they both together live through some very interesting adventures during the Shaman King tournament
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
Autor: OmegaKO
Added by: OmegaKO
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