Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis - Overview

I was very skeptical about this anime. But the first episode changed my mind to such a degree, that I am now following it regularly .

The episode starts with an awesome battle between a dragon, demon and some rider. And from here on I get impressed, the reason is that in this anime they successfully show how to use CGI animation. The dragon is completely CGI drawn, but this doesn’t annoy the eye and doesn’t make a huge impression, like in other animes with CGI graphics. So now let’s move on forward, the battle is heating up and the spectators sees how parts of their background literally disappears. But this battle actually happened 2000 years ago and after the grand end of the battle we end up in the present time, where we meet the main character Favaro Leone. The first impression we get from him is that of a young man with a big self-esteem and free spirit. He is a man who loves to live for the moment, wants only to have fun and is a head hunter because that way he makes good money and allows him to live such a life style. Favaro is chased by Kaiser Lidfort, ex nobleman, cheated by Leon. He seeks justice for everything he lost because of our main character, but he was never able to catch him, as he keeps getting tricked every time by Favaro. Later on in the episode we meet with the main female character of the anime, Amira. She is a demon, who wants to get to Helheim. While she goes around wandering in the town she overhears how Leone talks that he knows a shortcut to that location (while he actually doesn’t). She decides to use him for a guide and asks him to help her, but chooses a wrong moment for that – or maybe the right one, because he is drunk and agrees to take her there if she kisses him. Amira agrees right away, but before all that happens, Favaro gets attacked. After the fight he is about to lose consciousness and the last thing he remembers is how she kisses him. He wakes up in the tavern at which he drank last night, after he gets dressed he finds out that he now has a demon tail.

The anime doesn’t give you even a moment of peace. Constantly something is happening. The animation is very well made. The mix of CGI and traditional anime style is really well combined. The music is really short, but charged with strong emotions. Very often a chorus dub is used and it brings chills down your spine. I would say that this anime has the best soundtrack this season. The intro is exceptionally good and has a big impact on you (first appears in the second episode), while the outro is mellow and smooth (also appears in the second episode).

Overall I would say that the anime has a lot of potential. I expect a lot of battles, jokes and dynamic. I have strong hopes that the story will develop more and more with every new episode, as from the first episode we learn almost nothing about the main story.

Translayed by Sky Dai Tenshi & Malygos
Autor: malygos
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