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Slayers (スレイヤーズ; Sureiyāzu; ) is a popular anime classic, first released in the 1990s. The genre is a mixture of action, adventure, fantasy, comedy but it also has horror elements. The plot of all anime and manga series follows the adventures of the young, strong-minded and powerful witch Line Inverse and is similar to some role play game such as Dungeons & Dragons. Along with her group of diverse and extraordinary partners, the heroine passes through multiple wondrous adventures, destroys many monsters(dragons, usual fantasy beasts and others) seeks innumerable treasures and punishes brutally villains(mostly bandits, wizards or dark lords), even though she does good she often ends up destroying the site of the battle(most often with her typical spell Dragon Slave) Despite all the episodes reminding of comedies or fillers in the series, Lina discovers one grand mystery every season (which is the plot’s main event) and it usually resolves during an epic battle with spectacular spells against a mighty villain, trying to destroy the world. .

An important part of the script plays the partially presented background story, telling a complicated fantasy mythology, including the millennium-years-old battle for superiority over the human world, fought between the gods of the lowest ranks, called simply “gods” (in Japanese shinzoku meaning “the god race”) and demon – like monsters (in Japanese mazoku meaning “evil, monstrous race” who are the highest ranked monsters. The first are fighting for world peace, but the others follow the orders of their supreme demons, who wish for the destruction and darkness of the world and bringing it back to its primal state called “The Sea of Chaos”. A special place in the fantasy universe takes the Lord of Nightmares (the god of the chaos from which the world of Slayers emerges), and whose powers are in the base of all great spells. Despite all the special types of magic that exist there are four standard types of spells: black, white, Melchusian(using the elements from nature) and sacred spells, which are most effective against a specific kind of enemy, depending on the magical source used for the summoning of the spell. .

The controversial characters from Lina’s group are an example of interesting conflicts on personal levels and enrich the main style of the series, based on a unique parody of fantasy stereotypes, self-irony, self-parody of the series itself and the characters. There are plenty of magic, sword battles and violence. The unique atmosphere of the Slayers Universe is created with specific slapstick humor, drama, childishness and the typical for the genre mysteries. Slayer also presents more serious themes such as: friendship, love, one’s life choice, the ruthless and sometimes fair fate, the strength of the human spirit and will against the challenges of reality. The series is considered as a classic in the genre, which one shouldn’t miss because of its contribution to anime/manga and otaku culture, such as the irreplaceable charm, good music, interesting story, colorful characters and the style of storytelling. All in all it is a crazy anime madhouse!
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