Soul Eater - Black Star

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This is the guy with HIGE confidence thinking himself for better than God. But it wasn’t his time. He is the man of the next century. All this may looks exaggerated, but as strange as it is Black Star believes in it. He always wants to show himself, to be the lead role in the play. It is logical to think who would stand such a bold man. Strangely, but there is a modest girl named Tsubaki, who becomes not only his fan but also his weapon. For a long time, because of his desire to always stand out, he can’t hide himself or gets advantage of some situations. This way he and his partner leave behind many failed missions and none swallowed souls. But with time things change. Well, his need to always stand out remains, but it is now his advantage. He believes in himself and that’s exactly what is giving him strength, with which he overcomes most of his schoolmates. His main hobby is to challenge his schoolmates and fight them without a weapon. No matter how many he fights he always wins.
His past isn’t that heroic. He comes from a family in which they seek power on any cost. Swallowing the souls of normal people isn’t a problem for them, and because of that they are hated by others. Years ago the whole family was killed by Shibusen and the only one left was Black Star. The main reason not to be killed along with his family was that he was too small and was still innocent. But don’t think that Black Star hates Shibusen for what he did to his parents and his family! He obediently follows Shibusen’s principles and even more- believes that he is GREAT, SUPER GREAT, SUPER SUPER GREAT. In fact, so great that when he appears on the stage he blinds everyone with his awesomeness.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
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