Soul Eater - Dr. Franken Stein

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Dr. Franken Stein is the perfect example for a mad scientist. His main occupation is researching anything he thinks is interesting. If you wake up with marks from a knife cut, and you have no idea where it came from, then you contributed to one of Dr. Stein’s researches. But the first impression he leaves is very different from the reality. Very common for him is to appear, sitting in a chair, flying around, and eventually he trips into something. He fells down with the chair and sits on the floor. If he doesn’t like his entrance, Dr. Stein is willing to do it again, until it becomes just right. But it all ends up the same way. His way of speaking is quite joyful, but when he speaks about his experiments you get the chills – especially if you have the main role in the tests. Despite his weird looks, he is very penetrating and notices things that most people can’t. His fighting stile is a bit different than the standard. He doesn’t use his weapon for attacks, but only for protection. To attack someone he uses the special ability of his other hand. This way, against a weak opponent, even without a weapon, he can fight and win.
His obsession with science is his strongest site, but also his biggest weakness. It brings him to the verge of madness. For how long will he be able to resist it?

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