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Excalibur is the legendary sword used by heroes and kings. He has a great power that is unmatched by any other weapon. Anyone can use Excalibur, even without matching his soul resonance. Unfortunately there are few who can put up with Excalibur's personality. He has an incredible ego, and tends to go on long rants that seem to go nowhere. In exchange for his help, Excalibur demands his meister to perform a list of one thousand tasks (including listening to Excalibur's daily five-hour recital sessions). Unlike his weapon form Excalibur's humanoid form is far from elegant, looking like a cartoonish anthropomorphic creature with a very long snout, dressed in a white suit and top hat (though wearing no pants) and carrying a cane. Excalibur often uses the word "fool", usually to stop other people talking and draw attention back to him. Excalibur is featured in a single manga chapter during which Kid and Black Star find a book about him and seek him out, only to discover that the book had in fact been written by Excalibur himself. They quickly ditched him due to his personality. While not having another appearance in the manga except in a later special chapter, in the anime Excalibur is visited again by Ox Ford, who is looking to do a school report on the legendary sword. Excalibur gives varying contradictory descriptions of his life story (including growing up as a street punk in America, assisting Sherlock Holmes, and being a famous stage dancer). In the special chapter of the manga, a character named Hiro successfully wields Excalibur. When using Excalibur he gets four abilities: instant teleportation; growing wings of light that allow him to fly; moving at the speed of light; and slashing everything with gigantic explosions. Hiro does not seem to mind Excalibur's eccentric personality and happily performs his extensive list of tasks. When it turned out that once Excalibur sneezes, he will not stop for quite some time Hiro got rid of the weapon, stating he found the sneezing too disgusting to put up with. Unlike most other weapons in the series, Excalibur spends most of his time without a meister and in his weapon form. He currently resides in a rock in the middle of a shallow underground lake. The caves around this lake are inhabited by fairies, who are all very annoyed by Excalibur's presence. In the anime, he later returns to observe the fight between Asura and Shinigami, and even lectures Asura on how his ideals for power are stupid.
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