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pic1 pic2 The desire for power, for huge power can make a person crazy. This way, by swallowing the souls of ordinary people are appearing the kishin- creatures with enormous power that are able to infect people with their madness. To stop the creation of these monsters Shinigami- sama (shinigami = god of death) builds, many years ago, the shinigami school Shibusen. Every student can be either a wielder or a weapon. Human- weapons can turn into many different kinds of weapons (anchor with an attached chain, sword, a gun and others), and the wielders are the people who must fight with the weapons help. Then is formed a team of two- a wielder and a weapon (there are some exceptions). To be strong enough they must work together, as a team and the most important thing is their soul waves to be at maximum resonance.
pic3 The anime starts with the appearing of a very talented, but nervous student and her “cool” weapon. Next we see one not very smart wielder with HUGE self-confidence. But that is not all. The son of Shinigami- sama unknown why decides to attend the Shibusen school as a normal student. And just when we think everything strange finishes here, after ringing the number 4242564 we witness the “amazing” personality and way of speaking of Shinigami- sama.
This anime is filled with humor, but as well has lots of serious moments. If you want to enjoy the amazing story while laughing then this anime is just for you.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: OmegaKO
Added by: OmegaKO
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