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Have you ever thought what would happen if all forms of therianthropes, spirits, man-made life-forms, vampires, half-demons and many others lived in one place? What if all of them were under the surveillance of the government under which jurisdiction they’re under? All of that is fact in “Strike the Blood”. In this world there is a sacred pact which lays down the rights of all nonhumans. The world is divided into three parts which are ruled by three Progenitors. Each of them rules over a continent (Europe, America and Asia), but with the arrival of a Fourth Progenitor all the balance in the world can be shifted, this Progenitor is the main character in the anime – Akatsuki Kojou who three mounts ago was just a normal high schooler. Because of his potential threat for the balance of the world the Lion King Organization appoints Himeragi Yukina as his observer with the clear order to exterminate him if he’s deemed dangerous to the world. What will happen when they meet? Will the world succumb to change or maybe it will remain the same boring and monotone place? What are you waiting for? Dive into the universe of “Strike the Bood” where you’ll have your fill of comedy and action.
Autor: Malygos
Added by: MSK
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