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It’s the year 2022. Up until a week ago there were long queues in front of the video game stores. Why? What do you mean “why”? For the first time ever a solely virtual environment has been developed, that’s why! It’s all thanks to a special hardware which connects to your nervous system and allows you to feel the virtual world as though it were real. Who wouldn’t want to try it out? If you’re a hardcore gamer there’s no way you’d miss the newest game based on this hardware – Sword Art Online. Sadly, the game has only 10000 copies which are hard to obtain. The lines in front of the stores go on for days and the online sale was sold out in a matter of seconds. Congratulations to the lucky ones! The world they’re entering is truly incredible.The impressive sword skills which are featured compensate for the founders’ strange decision to not include magic in the game. Furthermore, you can increase your character’s level by beating a variety of creatures. Naturally, there comes a time when you have to come back to the real world…But in the game’s menu there’s no option to log out. Lots of players decide it’s a temporary bug which will be shortly fixed. During the opening ceremony the game’s inventor Akihiko Kayaba in the role of game master (a storyteller or the one who guides adventures) declares that the inability to log out is no bug. For the game to be won each and every one of the floor bosses must be cleared. The ultimate boss waiting at the end of the 100th floor. The most frightening thing is that after dying in-game players aren’t reborn but they die in real life as well. After hearing the news most players panic. Some even attack and kill others. Amid the chaos a minority of people decide the game can be won and band together to clean all the monsters and bosses through the levels. Each day lived in-game is a lost day in real life. The sooner the players win, the sooner they can go home. But thinking like that we miss out on the joys of the virtual world. This particular clash of mindsets brings our two main characters – Asuna and Kirito, together. After their meeting their relationship ranges from arguments to love. What will happen to them and the others? Can the game be beaten? What will happen once the adventure ends? Come with us into the role-play world of online gaming with Sword Art Online…And don’t forget to check if you can log out.
Translated from bulgarian by Aeron from Anime INN
Autor: OmegaKO
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