Tenjou Tenge - Natsume Shin

Natsume Shin is Maya’s and Aya’s big brother. He is one of the main characters in the anime. He is also known as the creator of the KATANA club, and loves riding his motorcycle. He is an excellent fighter and a good big brother, at least at first sight. The truth about him is much more dreadful. He possesses a special technique called the Dragon’s Eye. This inhuman power makes him almost indestructible and invincible. He can see the future and his opponents’ tactics and can even create an illusion of fear in their minds. Shin doesn’t manage to hold back his power, and it possesses him little by little. But he isn’t completely lost in the darkness. There is still one little hope in his life – his younger sister Maya. This obsessive brother’s love can’t be understood by others, and especially by his girlfriend Mana, who is madly in love with him. But she doesn’t own him, Shin belongs to someone else.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: Ткк
Added by: MSK
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