Terra Formars - Akari Hizamaru

Akari Hizamaru is the main character of the anime Terra Formers. He has spent his childhood with his ill female friend Yuriko. He has always wanted to help her and to save her from her insidious desease. This makes him turn into a muscular fighter who participates in paid duels. Unfortunately, events don't turn out well for him. Just when all of his struggle seems lost, he gets the opportunity to take part in a research mission to the planet Mars. He is forced to go through a serious hardship (a medical operation) which is very dangerous. The chances for success in it for normal people are only 75%. Akari shows his strong mindedness and manages to overcome the difficulties that he faces through perseverance. He finds new friends in his mission to Mars and he is even secretly attracted to the female American captain of one of the research teams sent there, Michelle K. Davis. Humanity's main enemy on Mars are the evolved cockroaches. Akari receives the powers of a Eumeta japonica in order to fight them.

Transplated by sah war
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