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Terra Formars is one of the best animes for the season. The anime offers everything an average fan would want. It has action, gore, funny moments and a promising story.

The story begins in an illegal arena which is located underground and pleases the needs of some sick rich bastards. Our main character Akari Hizamaru is forced to battle a Grizzly bear, so that he can earn a lifesaving transplantation for his childhood friend Yuriko. In the end he wins the match, but only to find out that she died while he went to save her. He learns that from the commander of the Martian exploration team for UNASA (United Nations Aeronautics and Space Administration) and his second in. Turns out that the virus that killed his friend is now from Earth and will keep on spreading unless they manage to take a sample from its source. They invite him to join the new formed expedition that they’re attempting. What we learn after is that there is an intelligent life form on Mars. Turns out that 500 years ago an expedition of 2 life forms is send to Mars: moss which is used to generate oxygen and cockroaches which are used to produce humus in an attempt to terraform the planet. For those 500 years the cockroaches evolved to an extent that they are now a threat to humanity. Now let’s analyze the anime.

Overall the anime has a very good plot even though the story is a little teared up. The plot holes are one of the main problems, like how can Hizamaru get over his friends death so fast, as well as some mysteries concerning some of the supporting characters. The biggest offender for the anime is the brutal censorship that the show has, which can blackout your whole screen at times and leave you wandering what happened. I sincerely hope that they fix that problem with the disk releases, because some of the scenes are literally unwatchable. Interesting fact is that Warner Bros are one of the studios which help with the production of the anime. It’s nice to see that America seems to have a bigger interest in Japanese animation and is a form of a guarantee that we’ll be able to access this product in the West market. The anime has great potential and I hope that they don’t ruin it till the end. The animation isn’t something exiting, but it’s not bad on its own either, the problem is that the characters look almost identically drawn. The music is nice but not very catchy with the exception of the intro (which turns up in the second episode) and the outro which are very lively.

Translated by Sky Dai Tenshi & Malygos
Autor: malygos
Added by: MSK
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