The World God Only Knows - Elucia de Lute Ima - Elsie

Elucia de Lute Ima – Elsie is a demon sent from Hell to capture escaped souls. She has middle height and short black hair strapped on a tail. On her head she has alarm in the form of skull, with which she detects demons. At times she is funny and childishly naïve at the same time. She is best at cleaning, as she cleaned Hell the last 298 with her current magic broom. Elsie is pretty unexperienced in some aspects (capturing demons is one of them). Clumsy and in the shadow of her bigger sister, she gives tries hard and with all of her might to show her true qualities. Little after she is sent from her boss in this world she meets with Keima, with whom she has concluded contract. Always to be with him, even in school, while posing as his younger sister and even starts living with him Elsie wears magical clothes, which allows her to track demons.
Translayed by SkyDaiTenshi
Autor: MSK
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