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Kutsuragi Keima is a 17-year old middle school student whose only interest is playing 2D games, in which he interacts with 2D girls. He literally lives in his own virtual world where he is the best and known as the God of Seducing. Once, while browsing the mail of his portative console, he recieves a challenge which he can't ignore, because he is famed for seducing over ten thousand girls and there's no one who can resist his charm. In the next moment, Elusia de Lut Ima - Elsy falls down from the sky and tells him that she is a demon out of hell and there is a contract between her and Keima. He doesn't have any other choice but to cooperate with her in order to capture the souls who have escaped, because otherwise they will both die. The souls only use girls as a host and one of the ways to banish them is when somone wins their heart and thus banishing away the demon. Keita, known as a nerd around his classmates, faces his greatest challenge in his boring real life. He is forced to seduce real girls, which is unthinkable, because they are far from perfect and he never had any real contact with them.

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