The adventures of lil` Naruto (starring lil` Naruto)

Ring ring ring, went the alarm clock, this is lil' Naruto’s first regular visit to the dentist, he was nervous like ussual. He yelled at his mom:
- Iruka senseeeei, how is breakfast going?
- I need to milk the cow first, and to catch the pig for bacon, it will be ready in 20 minutes. - he replied with a tired voice.
- Uuuuh, what shall I do, while the sensei breakfast do for me – he said with a bored voice. “Ohhh, I’ll go climb the big tree that is on the edge of that cliff!” the though in his head. And he did, he went at the end of the village, right next to the swing, made out of a wore out tire, like always he had to run to there, because of the rabid dogs, that the butcher let loose, because they were eating his sausage. Arriving all tired he swung a couple of times, and proceeded right on schedule according to his plan. He began to climb the old and dried up tree, with swift moves, like a monkey chasing a banana, he climbed up the tree. Almost on the top he heard a suspicious, crack like, sound. Ignoring the strange sound he continued his journey. There he was one branch away from achieving his goal, but once more he heard the cracking sound, but this time after the sound lil' Naruto realized that the branch that he was on broke, and almost instantly he fell, hitting himself in the branches on the way down. And then he felt the sturdy ground, he felt calm now that he was on something sturdy, but his calmness was disturbed when a powerful wind blew and sent him down the steep hill (because of some site regulations I’m unable to tell you what lil' Naruto said on the way down, so I’ll have to censure it) “M^ - How are you feeling today? You have been offline for 4 days already, that fall must have been very bad, but gladly you only broke a tooth and you’re just paralyzed for couple of days, and since you’re awake we can go now to the dentist so he can fix your tooth!
- shWhat? I shink shI'm better shnow - lisped lil' Naruto.
- Hey, you ok? I can’t understand you! It must happened after you hit your head, I hope it goes away!
After 10 minutes of awkward silence Iruka sensei took him and put him in a cart, interested Naruto asked:
- Shenshei why you're sho' shad?
- I don’t know, maybe because the cart is owned by the undertaker, and these people here are from the dentist’s office.
When Naruto heard that he froze. Scared, he tried not to cry, but eventually he did.
- What is it? Ohh, don’t worry, this dentist is good. He got only 5 dead people from 10 patient, so you either die or you live it’s fifty-fifty – he said calmly.
They arrived at the dentist’s “office”, and “luckily” they were next in line. They went in and the working space for the dentist had only one chair and it smelled like a butchery. A little shaky, Naruto sat on the chair and the doctor went in. The doctor asked him:
- What is your name?
- Naruto.
- Oh, nice name – he turned around and mumbled – what kind of name is that? What is next, Sasuke? – He chuckled.
- OK, let’s start this because my wife is waiting, I have to fix her, too. You know – said the doctor. And from nowhere he takes a chisel and a hammer. Naruto started to shake like crazy.
- Wait, this I will need for my wife, sorry.
He returned the two objects back in the bag. The “dentist” looks at Naruto’s mouth and his eyes started to water.
When the "dentist" saw the broken tooth he said:
- This is going be fast don’t worry. I just need to take out your broken tooth and replace it with a fake one made from ivory.
After the explanation he took out a big, rusty key with a claw, it looked like a giant, overgrown, mutated eagle going for its prey. The doctor looked at Naruto, and smiled, when Naruto saw the “doctor’s” teeth he started to wonder *Is this man qualified? Just look at his mouth…ugh I think I saw a spider in there…*, and before he can finish thinking the doctor grabbed his tooth with the giant claw-thing and started to pull, by putting one leg on Naruto’s face and started to pull. Naruto couldn’t scream his mouth was occupied with blood, saliva, and don’t forget the giant claw. After a 10 minutes struggle the “doctor” managed to remove the broken tooth.
- Wow, I guess I will not need to go to fitness today – he said. – Now to put the fake tooth!
He took out a white tooth, so white that it even sparkled. He covered the tooth with some kind of sticky substance and he shoved it up in lil' Naruto's……….mouth. The “doctor” turned the other way to clean his pliers with water, that looked a little muddy, and said to lil' Naruto:
- The glue is very flammable, so you better stop stealing that grass from my garden! – he said with an angry tone. – You’re ready, that will be one dollar.
- Oh, thank you doctor! – said Iruka happily – but can you just give me a hint why is it so cheap?
He walked all over to the other side of the room, where Iruka was, he leaned over Iruka's shoulder, and whispered in his ear, *Tooth fairy*.
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