Toradora - Takasu Ryuuji

This is the man with the scary face. In the first episode, we can notice how as soon as people see him they scare away enough to a safe distance. But appearances often lie. Ryuuji is actually quite good and relent. Since only living with his mother, who can be mistaken with a child, he must take care of cooking, cleaning and other chores.
One day at school he is supplied with error love letter intended for another, and the evening he was attacked in his own home by the sending the girl. This how he meet his new cohabitant and close friend Aysaka Taiga. Due to his obliging nature, he decided to take care of the messy house located next to his. But his obliging not stop here. He shoves to become her "dog" and to serve for her love plans. Later around him began to hang around the model Kawashima Ami, but his heart belongs to another. He is crazy in love with Kushieda Minorin, but unfortunately rarely have the opportunity to remain alone with her. Yet if it is not only in his mind.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Phantom
Autor: OmegaKO
Added by: OmegaKO
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