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„There is a conspiracy in the world. Exactly! The economic conspiracy of the Jews, the spy conspiracy of CIA, the conspiracy of Satan and all kinds of other secret plots! But there is a 99% chance that the theory you believe in is nothing else but a delusion or even a deliberate lie. Only one percent of the population has actually been involved in a real conspiracy. One of them has actually seen one with their eyes. The conspiracy of N.H.K.! Who is this man? That is me.” Sato Tatsuhiro is only 22 years old, but instead of living a happy, carefree life as a student he is the lonely brave warrior standing against an evil organization and has swore to defeat it someday. Unfortunately, there is a small problem… In reality he has been a hikikomori for the past 3 years. He is sick of a disorder, unable to communicate normally with people and because of his fears and delusions he cannot leave his room. Another way to put it – Sato is nothing more than the trash of society and a parasite. Complete chaos and madness set in his life when the 17-year-old “angel” Nakahara Misaki decides that Sato is the perfect specimen for her “project” in which she has to help someone even more pitiful than her.
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