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If someone told me years ago that the anime Yawara will be one of my favorites I would probably stare at him and laugh wholeheartedly, but here it is this japanese classics with multiple series telling about a girl training judo and dreaming about ordinary life like every lady on her age got me captivated. Subjugated my heart of a spectator and anime fan. I present you Yawara - the anime that reached greater popularity in Japan than the famous hit at that time in the west Ranma 1/2. The anime carries the name of the main heroine Yawara as it presents us her story invariably linked with her grandfather - the charismatic judo trainer Jigorou. His dream is to make his granddaughter the best judoist in the world and he is ready to do anything to help her win a gold medal on the olympics in Barcelona in which for the first time in 1992 the women's judo make its debut. The story of the anime slowly tracks Yawara's trip to Barcelona. It's interesting to note that the title doesn't emphasis the sport as much as the growth of the young heroine. The anime shows her battle to discover and hold her first true love and to live fully her youth like any other girl on her age. The interesting story of Yawara is also due to two more memorable characters. They are the reporter who discovered the talent of Yawara - Matsuda and the shy judo trainer Kazamatsuri. Except the formed from these characters "love triangle" for the full charm of the anime contributed the biggest rival of Yawara - the good in any sport Sayaka.
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