Yawara is a high school student who after her graduation wants to live a normal life and continue her education in a prestigious university. Her biggest concern is that so far she has almost no experience with the opposite sex, while her friends have had already many dates, boyfriends and break ups behind them. Because of the strict judo trainings under the supervision of her grandfather – the judo sensei named Jigoro, Yawara didn’t have the chance to fully enjoy her childhood and early teenage years. When she was much younger her dad used to frequently hit her mother. That violence lasted up until one day when Yawara used her memorized judo techniques to tumble her father over her shoulder. After this “incident” her father packed his belongings to never come back again. Much later in her life Yawara meets the photographer Matsura, who introduces her to the broad audience, and the judo sensei Kazamatsuri, who plays the role of the typical libertine. Her best friend is the former ballerina Fujiko with whom she meets for a first time in the college. Yawara is a shy and humble person, who’s always ready to help those in need. She is also a good cooker and is always looking forward to dive into the day to day life of the ordinary ladies at her age. Nevertheless, she also happens to be one of the most talented judo practitioners and quite often manages to fling down her opponents for a blink of an eye.
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