Yowamushi Pedal - Imaizumi

Imaizumi is one of the main characters in the anime. He is very talanted in riding bicycle. Since a child he professionally practises cycling and he's training while being obsessed with the idea of being the best. Sadly, in his biggest competition before high school he learned the taste of defeat. Instead of breaking him down, this makis him even more motivated. Persistant, straightforward in his training, he chases his goes to the end.
Imaizuchi meets Onoda during an incident between them. They even compete agains each-other. Thanks to Onoda, Imaizumi starts watching anime and even sings anime songs. After joining the cycling club with Onoda, Imaizumi is in a constant rivalry with his teammate Naruko.
Imaizumi is a wide-specialized kind of contestant. Unlike most of his teammates, which are strictly specialized, he can deal with every challenge on his way.

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