Yowamushi Pedal - Makishima

Makishima is part of team Sohoku. Like Kindjou he also is a third year high-schooler. Makishima is weak builded with long green hair. He's specialized as a climber. He uses a unique style of "dancing" which looks like a the peak spider ("dancing in cycling means that the cycler is standing up on the pedals so that he can pick up speed). Makishima's greatest rival is Todo from team Hakone, who is also a third year student. They want to decide which one of them is the better climber, even though they're equal at the moment. They often phone each other to exchange impressions of their new teammates. Todo even thinks that when Makishima rides he becomes scary. Makishima is one of the people which don't like publicity. Before he became a good climber he was very weak in cycling. Thanks to his hard wirk, training, will and perseverance he turns into one of the main members of the team. Onoda along with Naruko find themself in fright of Makishima when they learn that he was the one who pierced the hole in the club room.
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