Yowamushi Pedal - Onoda

Onoda is a typical example of an otaku without associates. He’s a small, weak, plain guy with glasses who wouldn’t catch your attention if it wasn’t for the girly bike he’s riding. If you’re a normal person that wouldn’t pique your interest, but if you’re obsessed with cycling you would immediately see his talent. Imaizumi’s first encounter with Onoda happens on the road to school. Onoda is going home on his bike while Imaizuma rides in a car towards his new school. This encounter ends up crucial for both of them. Imaizumi challenges Onoda to race through the steep road to their high school. Onoda accepts the challenge, but if he wins Imaizumi will have to join the anime club which Onoda wants to restore. Ultimately both of them find themselves in the schools cycling team, but their teammates have a lot of experience and a high goal. Onoda saves money from subway and food expenses. All of those deprivations are for the sake of his anime hobby. In his free time he watches anime and goes by bike to the neighboring city to buy anime figurines. He has the habit of singing a song of his favorite anime while riding which can motivate him even in the worst of situations. Onoda finds out he’s good at something and that thing is cycling.

Translated by Malygos
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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