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In the past if someone told me that I'll write articles for a sport anime I would probably not take him seriously. Even if I assumed that it could happen I doubt I would write an article for cycling. In life there comes a moment when you realise that sport is health. In Japan as in the whole world there is a problem with obesity and the lack of movement in the rising generation. That is the main reason to be given priority to manga and anime related to sport lately.
Onoda is the main character in the anime. He is plain, short and wears grasses. His biggest pain in his old school is that there was noone he could discuss his hobby with - watching anime. Onoda is an otaku in the full sense of the word. He is ready to save from his allowance to buy himself his favorite anime figurines. With big enthusiasm he starts high school with the hope to become a member of the anime club. Unfortunately there is not enough people for this club and the club activities have been suspended. Onoda goes to school with his ladies bike and he manages to make an impression with the way that he climbes the road slope with ease. After a few competisions with Imaizumi (new high schooler as well) Onoda begins to believe in his skills. Imaizumi has been cycling since he was little and has always strived to be the best. In his last race he finished second and that motivated him even further. Imaizumi together with Onoda becomes part of the Souhoku High School Bicycle Club. From there their hardships begin. The cycling club has the goal of winning the most prestigious race for the high schools in Japan - The Inter-high.
The atmosphere in the anime is fresh and served with a good sense of humor. The first episode is very well done and thats the main reason for the anime to be successful. Yowamushi Pedal outlines itself like a total hit among the anime fans. After its airing in Japan the number of ladies that ride bikes is increasing rapidly. Except the good animation of TMS Entertainment, the anime has the typical for the japanese educational nature.
If you respect yourselves as anime fans, my personal advise to you is to watch the anime without any hesitation and especially if you want to track the path of Onoda and his growth in the team. Will he find someone to share his anime hobby with? Will Imaizumi be able to reach the top? Will Team Souhoku be victorious? The answers to this and many other questions you will find only if you join the many that like and loved this title. Enjoy!

Translated by Scorpion
Autor: MSK
Added by: MSK
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