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It’s not accidental that I am writing this article as a sequel to the translation of “Generation X”. I believe it can help the development of the duel players, who read it and truly learn from it. This article is devoted to the building of a beatdown deck. The purpose of this deck is putting heavy pressure on the opponent, through cleaning up the field and using attacks with strong monsters of 4th level, in order to finish the duel as fast as possible. And let’s start with the building of the deck. Most players start with a single deck of monsters, which they put inside of it. Usually this is a main rule, but here we are going to use a different method. The beatdown deck is a simple one, so I am going to start from the base – the thing that the whole deck is created on. First of all to have a successful attack we must secure it. So, we are starting with the traps:

Imperial Order : One of the most serious “forbidden” cards, it is priceless, when we want to secure ourselves a few attacks in several turns. Not everyone knows how and when exactly to play this card, but in the hands of someone who knows what he is doing, it could win a duel in two moves.
Magic Jammer : I know that some of you might say that this card, which is included in almost all starter deck and is so popular, is stupid. But you’ll be are very wrong. Magic Jammer has always been one of the most effective spell blockers, surpassing the possibilities for combinations of almost all the others.
Mirror Force : this rare card is too effective to be left aside. Even thought it is mostly included as a reserve, if the opponent makes a “successful” mass counter attack.
Magic Cylinder: : the same as the previous, but there is one extra tip – not only it can stop the counter attack, but it can win the duel.
Ring Of Destruction : one of the meanest ending strikes. This card is obligatory for most of the decks, and for the beatdown deck is IRRESPLASABLE.
Call of the Haunted : the most dangerous equivalent of Monster Reborn, for blocking attacks during the opponent’s turn, as well as for attacks.
Seven Tools of the Bandit : this deck is mostly counting on the removing of trap cards in advance, this card could be changed but I included “just in case”. Just one of it.
Now the traps are altogether 7.
It is time for the core, the thing that pulls out the opponent’s soul turn after turn (for 3 turns if you are lucky ;))


Everybody things that most important are those gigantic monsters which crushes everything – that is part true. The most important thing is to have options. That is why the first cards I am placing are:

Witch of the Black Forest : this card is not forbidden from the Konami tournaments for nothing. It’s one of the main ways to pull out some of the repulsive monsters quick and easy. This way you can do both – decrease the opponents deck (better topdeck) and you get a tool to harass your foe.
Cyber Jar: : A card that will allow you to load up the field with your heavy monsters (4 stars), as well as to reload with cards which deactivate the traps :roll: Some would place Fiber Jar or Morphing Jar, but for me they are not even half effective as this one, especially for the beatdown deck
. Now it’s time for the “salt” of the deck. The first and most important thing is to vary the monsters by elements and attributes, in order to avoid unpleasant contra from the opponent for a specific element or an attribute (sound logic). But let’s start now:
Gemini Elf 2 cards: wonderful monster from a good neutral element (and even has a spellcaster). Obligatory.
Spear Dragon at least 3 cards ;): this card is extremely necessary. The first effect is awesome and it will make your opponent consider what he will put in defense, and the second is good not only to protect yourself from a contra, but to make the contra happen (who said Magic Cylinder?).
Slate Warrior 2 cards: this so lovely card is crushing in the beatdown deck. 1900 attack guarantee that nothing weaker will crush it, and if anything happens… oh, this terrifying effect. That is why I call it the Jinzo-killer.
Goblin Attack Force 3 cards: 2300 attack and you don’t even need the effect. Just one attack is necessary to sweat your opponent’s hands. If you have Goblin Elite Force you can combine the two, when necessary, or to fully replace the Attack Force with Elite Force, even though a 100 attack points DO matter.
Bazoo The Soul Eater 2 cards: the price is big, but 2500 attack is worth it (if you have to finish the game or to destroy some heavy monster). You can put in 3 but I prefer a moderate number – a third Bazoo in the wrong moment can leave you with death cards in the hand.
Jinzo : one of the most often (I mean always) used cards in the beatdown deck, 2400 attack + a killer effect at the price of one monster. The problem with Jinzo is that if you leave it alone on the field it could easily become a target for every spell card in your opponent’s deck. And if your opponent is smart enough, he will use it to get you out of the game, unless you have a defense and opportunity for a counter-attack, so be careful when you play it. .
Yata-Garasu: a very expensive and precious card (I mean rear). If you corner your opponent you can use this card to defeat him. Without the option of pulling any other cards soon or later he’ll has no more choices, and soon or later – end of the game.
Exiled Force : the opponent makes the stupid mistake of sacrificing two monsters for a stronger one. Exiled Force + monster reborn = game over.
Breaker The Magical Warrior : the card that will make your opponents guts turn upside down – 1900 attack with a normal summoning and another way to remove those awful traps. If you don’t have Yata-Garasu place 2 of these. Actually no… Place 2 of these no matter what else you’ve got.

And now after we’ve specified the monsters and traps, it is time to add the thing that will actually win you the game. The spell cards.
Heavy Storm : irreplaceable.
Giant Trunade : a little less effective, but good enough.
Harpy Feather Duster : very precious/expensive card. If you don’t have it you could use Giant Trunade instead, even though it is not that effective.
Mystical Space Typhoon : with the others we already prepared, one is just enough.
After that it’s time for the cards for smaaal equipment ;)
United We Stand: Destroying everything
Mage PowerDestroying almost everything ;)
The cards for mass cleaning of the field: Raigekiand Dark Hole
The cards for “mind control”: Change of Heart and Snatch Steal.
Cards for resurrection: Monster Reborn and Premature Burial.
Some people include cards for control of the flip effects. I personally thing that one Swords of Revealing Light and one Nobleman of the Crossout are enough
We add and Pot of Greed for some power of the deck and it is now ready!

Here is the final result:

Monsters: 19

Witch of the Black Forest
Cyber Jar
Gemini Elf x2
Spear Dragon x3
Slate Warrior[ x2
Goblin Attack Force x3
Bazoo The Soul Eater x2
Exiled Force
Breaker The Magical Warrior x2

Spell cards: 15
Heavy Storm
Giant Trunade
Harpy Feather Duster
Mystical Space Typhoon
United We Stand
Mage Power
Dark Hole
Change of Heart
Snatch Steal
Monster Reborn
Premature Burial
Swords Of Revealing Light
Nobleman of the Crossout
Pot of Greed

Imperial Order
Magic Jammer
Mirror Force
Magic Cylinder
Ring Of Destruction
Call of the Haunted
Seven Tools of the Bandit

All in all 41 cards. Even though, I would remove Seven Tools, so it could be more compact and it is just unnecessary.

I won’t be lying if I say that these decks are though to be, hmm, amateur by most of the good players, because they don’t include any strategy or are not very original, but most of them forget that that’s exactly the kind of decks they all started up with. Maybe they are for novices, but no one denies they win duels.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: Legendary Flame
Added by: MSK
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