Yu-Gi-Oh! - Kaiba Seto (海馬 瀬人)

CEO of Kaiba Corp. He and his brother, Mokuba, are orphans since an early age. In a game of chess Seto defeats the owner of Kaiba Corp - Kozaburo Kaiba and is adopted with his brother by Kozaburo. This is how he starts as a poor orphan and ends up as a son of a big company boss. Seto does not agree with the policy of the company because its main business activity is the production of weapons. One day with the help of his little brother Seto takes over the control of the company from Kozaburo and changes it completely. From company manufacturing weapons it turns into a company producing game hardware.
Seto, just as the other characters in the anime, plays Duel Monsters. His favourite card is Blue-Eyes White Dragon. He shows himself as a good duelist and becomes a champion. In the first episode he is defeated by Yugi's Exodia The Forbidden One. This takes him out of the game for a while.
Seto is arogant, proud and too practical man. He looks after Mokuba and is ready to do anything for him. Seto hates Yugi's theories for friendship and the soul of the cards.
Translated from Bulgarian language by: Ted^Maverick (TV_Squad)
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