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Spell Speed

This is also something very important, which is often ignored by the beginners.

Spell Speeds are separated in 3 important groups, you must read them, they are important for the building of your future decks, and here you’ll find out when you can put a chain and when you cannot. Admins will be carefully examining the decks, so no cheating.

* Spell Speed 1 -these are the least important ones
* Spell Speed 2 - middle
* Spell Speed 3 - these are the hardest to stop

each Spell Speed can be chained by one with higher level or equal. The only exception are the Spell Speed 1, because they cannot chain one another.
The summoning of a monster and the declaring of an attack are actions which do not have Spell Speed, and that is why they cannot be chained. Except if it isn’t written in the effect of the trap, that it can be activated, this way it becomes Chain Link 1. Primer: Bottomless Trap Hole is used when a monster is summoned and it dies, or Mirror Force when the opponent attacks.

1.Spell Speed 1

Spell Speed 1 are the slowest of the Speed Spell cards and the only ones which cannot be controlled by other Spell Speed 1

The following cards are Spell Speed 1:

* Normal/Field/Continuous/Equip & Ritual Spell Cards
* Continuous/Ignition/Trigger & Flip Monster Effects
* The only way to contra attack them is by using the same card, for example: Mystic Tomato vs. Mystic TOmato , Sangan vs. Sangan , then both effects are counted

2.Spell Speed 2

Spell Speed 2 can control other Spell Speed 2 and Spell speed 1 cards. Spell Speed 2 are:

* Quick-Play Spell Cards
* Normal & Continuous Trap Cards
* Multi-Trigger Monster Effects

3. Spell Speed 3

Spell Speed can control all Spell Speed 1,2,3. Spell Speed 3 are only opposed by other Spel Speed 3 карти. This is why you can not contra attack a "Negate Attack", "Magic Jammer", "Trap Jammer" or "Magic Drain" with "Royal Decree"(which doesn’t allow the activation of another trap but itself)

The only Spell Speed 3 are Counter Trap Cards

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