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There are many decks which with time have proved themselves to be winners. Some bet the classic tactics like constant pressure or a specific theme (or a group of cards around which they build their deck). But there is one specific type which not only has proved itself with time but is also up-to-date and is still one of the most hated strategies ever.
Yes, that’s right. The Lock down deck.
The goal of this deck is in only a few moves to lock up your opponent in a way which allows you to:
a) To bother/fight/crush him in any way – in one word destroy.
b)It doesn’t allow your opponent to begin any kind of effective move.
c)Allows you to do both.
At the beginning I thought of righting about the classic clown deck (one of the first and still used locking decks), but it is quite worn out, don’t you think? Instead I decided to write about the locking deck in general and about the different tactics, which some of the best players use.
First. What is the main thing, which you need to create a lock? A football commentator would say – to close them in their field. Well, it’s the main idea here too and that’s why usually in the heart of this type of deck are placed cards like Gravity Bind and Messanger of Peacе, together with А Cat of Ill Omen (in order to pull out the traps easier). One out and with a well build deck behind, the ways of torturing you opponent are endless (but this doesn’t mean we won’t stop on the most important ones :)).
One of the main tactics is emptying the opponent’s deck, which often combined with some attack and a lock on the pulling of the opponent’s cards. If you manage to make that lock you can imagine your opponent tied up with chains and surrounded by beasts. His chances of getting away – about 20%.
The main cards for that type of lock are these: first one of the main cards for most of the dirty tricks – Yata-Garasu. At the moment when the opponent has a dead card in his hand (spell/trap and monster which has no use) this sweet baby jumps in the game. Every time it makes any damage – the opponent looses his turn. Creepy, ha?
The other card which every duelist would say is necessary – Mystical Knight of Jackal. Level 7, hard to pull out (unless the opponent is locked ho-ho-ho: evil :). To pull out the Jackal faster (and eventually others which are a good weapon in this deck), and to faster the emptying of the deck it is important not to forget the sweet Mystic Tomatoes and the Witch of the Black Forest. With this cleared out, let’s get back to the Jackal– 2700 attack points and the ability of returning a destroyed monster on the top of the deck makes it one of the meanest monsters ever to have run the field. In the second in which the opponent is left with a dead hand, one of the most dangerous locks is created – the lock of the Jackal, and it, my friends just like the Yata lock, is one of the few which ones done always end up with victory.
Let’s sum up: Gravity Bind and Messanger of Peace (+ mean cat as we mentioned) altogether with one of the most hated locks in the game and with Djinzo to back up and Sangan/Witch + Mystical Tomatoes. You could also add some threesome as Nimble Momonga or Giant Germ in case you can’t lock from the first move or you need some weak cent re attackers (of course with that threesome there is always the chance of a dead hand, but it is so minimal that we shouldn’t even mention it).
Now, about the other cards, which can complete the deck.
Some players prefer to choose monsters with a low level and an additional clown lock (classic). They usually use at least 2 Dream Clown, with Hayabusa Knight. Some players use spell cards to increase the attack power, but if you can’t lock the lock you count on them you are left with blind luck. There is an option, as well for Crossover deck together with Marauding Captain lock, but there are very few people who would play that tactic – it’s usually played with either one or the other. Another tactic is the classic water lockdown (a legendary ocean+tornado wall+gravity bind=death) – it could be easily achieved with the structure deck Fury of the Deep (even though with some finishing work it will be even better), but what kind of professional player would play with a structure deck? ;)
That is all about the locking decks, for now. Probably some day I’ll write a bigger and fuller article, but the writing (and the used) of very complicated locks is… complicated. Use your fantasy, play with understanding and aspiration and probably one day you’ll come up with the next great lock down.

Translated from Bulgarian language by:allegra
Autor: burning_bronx
Added by: DarkWolf
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